Hoppy Easter Everybunny! – Victoria, Day 232

Today is our last FULL day from waking up in a place to going to bed in a place. We are spending it with a beautiful soul, Adrienne, who I know from working in Residence at Laurier. We have been hanging out with her in her Pinterest-chic apartment since Friday. Our first night here we went for a walk along some of the coast with an in ice cream in hand taking in the sun doing her magic as she lit up the Pacific.

For dinner we returned to the apartment and cooked up some Vietnamise spring rolls with veggies and tofu – which was not only delicious but surprisingly filling! It wasn’t a crazy hard recipe either – definitely something I will be taking home! 

The next day was our first full day with Adrienne – we had a big pancake breakfast with fruit and coffee and then headed on a stunning hike! So nice, only a half hour from her door there a trail called Mount Work. A perfect trail full of some interesting vegetation that Adrienne was able to educate us on. The view was amazing and rewarding even though the walk in was only about 40 minutes! 

Post hike we had Tacofino – a notoriously good taco place that started as a food truck in Tofino but was so good they have opened a brick and mortar location in Victoria. 

After lunch we wandered around the city a bit and then headed home to have a little siesta. Rach caught up on some Z’s and Adrienne and I shared some cups of tea and had some good ol’ catching up time. We ended up taking a little jaunt up to a nearby lookout within walking distance when we finished our tea because the sunshine was out in full force and we both felt a need for more vitamin D. 

Still full from our taco lunch we just had a few snacks and then were joined by Adrienne’s friend, Bronwyn. We lounged in the living room listening to music and sharing stories and then headed into town to check out a cool pub which had 55 different kinds of craft beer – mostly local microbreweries! 

This morning it’s Easter Sunday! We had some more pancakes (we made a lot of batter yesterday) and are heading off to Adrienne’s families house for a big dinner. 

It worked out SO perfectly that we were here for Easter because Adrienne had both Friday and Monday off so we could spend time with her without taking her away from her job or other commitments and I have to say it’s always nice to feel some family love especially over holidays. 

Sending lots love and Easter Hugs!!!! 🐰🐣


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