7 More Sleeps – Whistler, Day 227

Today is April 11th… which mean officially there are seven sleeps until we land in Toronto and picked up from the airport and taken to our homes. I remember August 25th like it was yesterday – 7 sleeps till we left. I was sitting at my office computer (Sorry Randy) on a Thursday typing out what I kind of thought the trip was going to be. 

I remember September 7th being in Naxos Greece, 7 sleeps into the trip thinking about how crazy it was to be away and how much I already felt like I was learning even though we had only been away for a week and holy cow we still had 8 months to go.

Yesterday we spent a lovely day in the mountains and the weather cleared – we took the Sea to Sky Gondola up into the mountains and did some light trekking around in the snow. SNOW! In April. We had hunks of snow in our hair and hats and it was laughable because we left on our trip with idea that the next 8 months was going to be an ‘endless summer’.

Today we left Squamish to go to Whistler – The place that has held a steady grip on Rachel’s heart. Having been here less than 24 hours I can see why.. this place is stunning. The mountains are literally everywhere you look and the town is busy but not overwhelming… it’s still has that charming ‘bubble’ feel to it. It feels almost like a grander Blue Mountain Village. We did the Peak to Peak Gondola trip today with Rachel’s friend. It was a gorgeous sunny day but because we were so high up there was LOTS of snow and it was pretty chilly. 

We spent a couple hours mosey-ing around and then went into the village and had the cheesiest grilled cheese with tomato soup to warm up. Rachel’s friend left us for work and Rach and I walked around the village some more checking out some little shops and and poking our heads around some cafes. It seems like we have already done so much but we have only scratched the surface! Lucky us we have 2 more days until we move into Victoria.
And then home. 
All in 7 sleeps. 
Crazy right? 

So now I sit here with 7 sleeps left. I can’t say that I feel or don’t feel how I thought I would because honestly although I knew that this day would come it always felt so so sooooo far away that it was an afterthought. I am sad to see this trip coming to a close but I am exhilarated just thinking about everything that we have overcome and experienced. All the in-between things that filled the gaps between our big moments make up a lot of the things that I didn’t think about much when I was sitting typing my first post with 7 days to go but now sitting with only 7 days left I realize they were the things that made our trip unique and really OURS. 

Soaking up the last bit of this amazing wonderful journey ❤️. Sending lots of love from this side of Canada!


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