Ode to the Ensuite – Day 159 


Bathroom & Bedroom only a few steps apart. ALL FOR US. 

Though some would see you as a simple part of a normal life, Rachel and I can admit to incredible appreciation in being able to walk just a couple of steps from the bed to the bathroom with privacy… and not having to share you with 50 other hostel or B&B guests. 

We get to leave our toothbrush and toothpaste by sink!! We can leave our shampoo and conditioner and razors in the shower!! We don’t have to put on a coat and shoes to get from the bedroom door to the bathroom door! 

We appreciate the sanity that you bring backpackers. Ensuite, you are the little victory we are celebrating today! 
Truthfully, we have had it incredibly well staying at Claire’s B&B in Hokitika. I’m going to miss the beautiful ocean sounds, the homemade breads & spreads, and watching sunsets with a glass of Red and my two gals Claire and Rachy. We have officially packed up and moved out of this WWOOF and are back on the road! With a couple days in-between WWOOFs we went with Claire, her two new WWOOFers (Mirim from Spain -35, and Michael from Cali -19), and 3 Brits (Mandy -26, Louis -25, Nyreen -23) who were guests at Drifting Sands B&B but decided to join us on a group adventure down to Franz Joseph. A friend of Claire to watch a friend of hers play in a bar called Snake Bite so we joined her and had a couple of drinks, danced, and hung out. After Franz we made our way back to the enchanting tiny town of Okarito for 2 nights – this is where we were blessed with our own ensuite. As a backpacker I can honestly say that getting this on a budget is a rare sought after luxury. The space and privacy just feels like a small gift! 

Yesterday we had a wicked bonfire on the beach with our new friends plus the owner of the property, Aaron, who is a friend of Claire’s, and his WWOOFer Chris from Oregon in the States. We roasted marshmallows and had awesome conversation late into the evening. I went to bed feeling like a very lucky lady to have had such a cool classic NZ night. 

Today I woke up at 6:15 and went down to the Wharf to catch the sunrise over the mountains but went back to bed right after it came up because I was getting mauled by sand flies! 

After a nice sleep-in in our Ensuite (sorry I’m still not over how nice this is) we had a slow start but eventually buckled up to do an easy 3 hour hike around the coast. The sun was shining, the weather was nice and it felt like a summer day – finally! We also visited a very popular photographers gallery. His name is Andris Apse and he is  well-known for his incredible landscape shots of New Zealand. His work was absolutely captivating… I was so in love with his photographs and the stories behind them that I actually purchased a DVD documentary about his life and stories. Unforunately because I don’t have a DVD player with me (it’s a bit heavy to carry around for 8 months ya know) I won’t actually be able to watch it till I’m home – but looking forward to it! And I can watch it with my family – show them some parts of New Zealand that I fell In Love with but don’t have to professional equipment to relay to them. 

In the afternoon Rachel, Mirim and I went to the only cafe in town and had a cappiccino and a slice of some damn fine carrot cake – I literally have been fantasizing about eating this cake since last weekend when we were in Okarito. It was everything I wanted and more. 

Tonight we are having a homemade pizza night with our big group of friends and having a movie night in the restored general store. Aaron, the owner of the beach house we are staying in has been working on restoring what was once the town general store. He put up a big projector and has invited us along with the rest of the town of Okarito (all 30 people) to watch Miss Henderson Presents and The Kingsmen

Then it’s an early start tomorrow – Claire is dropping us off back in Franz Joseph so we can catch the Kiwi Bus down to Wanaka for our next WWOOF placement which was recommended to us by our lovely friends Pauline and Dimitri from our WWOOF in Kati Kati. 

I guess that’s it! Looking forward to one more night with my beloved ensuite. Sending love from a charming-general-store-cinema in NZ! 


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