Drifting Sands, Hokitika – Day 149

I am enjoying my time here at Drifting Sands B&B in Hokitika. We have been here for just over a week and have had a really nice time hanging out with Claire and all her guests. 

A few highlights:

– on our first night here we met a lovely sweet French family with 2 young boys who I challenged to game of monopoly. The mum, Laure, was a French-English teacher and encouraged me to play the whole game in French with her sons – but she helped translate when I had some difficulty. It was really fun! We ended up playing from about 6pm until 11pm at night. By the end of the game Stan the elder son had tapped out and and it was just me and Samual left. We both owned half the board and there was no end in sight so Mumma Laure gave us 15 minutes more…. I ended up winning but I reckon (little New Zealand lingo there) that if we had kept playing he would have kicked my behind! 

– Claire lent Rach and I the car to go an explore the Hokitika Gorge. Unfortunately because of the crazy weather bomb from the other day, the water was turned up and not as blue but it was still pretty cool!  We also stopped to see Dorothy Falls which was a sweet little hidden gem.

– To get out for a night Claire took us to the Mahinapua Hotel where the Kiwi Bus usually stops. It’s a dress up party night and the theme was 80s dress up! Claire used to be in film and costume so we had fun picking outfits and dressing up in her closet before we headed out. Rach wore this awesome black backless dress with pink high top converse and I wore a white strapless dress that had hot pink polka dots paired with some purple suade fringe heel booties. We drank and sang the night away and had a fabulous classic girls night out. 

– On a rainy night this week we ordered pizza from the local pizza shop, Fat Pipi’s, and watched The Longest Ride – ultimate chick flick – and cuddled up in Claire’s bed. Perfect night! 

– On a few of the sunny breaks that we have had we walked down the beach taking in the beautiful waves, scenery and the incredible amount of driftwood scattered along the black sand. 

– One night we went down to the beach with a glass of wine to soak up the last of the sun that Mother Nature had for us and and the light show she put on did not disappoint!  I didn’t have my camera so these are two of Claire’s pictures. It was just a little moment but it was simply gorgeous.
The weather has been tough here.. Because we are on the coast the winds are pretty forceful and they change the clouds over a lot… But it’s mostly rain which makes it a little difficult to explore outside. The antsy bits of my soul are starting to tingle but thankfully tomorrow Claire has planned a little kayak camping getaway to Okarito – a little lagoon about an hour away. Rain or shine I’m sure it’s going to be a blast! 

Everything else is good here! Missing everyone at home ❤️  will check in again soon! Xx


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