A Backpacker’s Dream – Day 140

Landed at our next WWOOF in the beautiful (& rainy) Hokitika. 

The night we spent at Westport had free unlimited wifi – which is seriously unheard of in New Zealand – but we took advantage of it and watched one of my mom’s favourite movies, My Best Friend’s Wedding with Julia Roberts. Forgot how much I loved it! 

Our drive here from Westport was pretty smooth. In the morning we stopped at Cape Foulwind (what a name eh) and went for a 45 min walk up the coast. It was super moody with the grey clouds, crashing waves and large stony bluffs but it was stunning all the same.

We were warned by our bus driver that the Westcoast was expecting a ‘weather bomb’ aka crazy winds and torrential downpour for the next 36 hours. Sweet. This hit about 20 mins after we got back on the bus. Our bus usually stops at Punakaiki which is notoriously known for the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes which are cool geographic formations created by limestone being eroded by the waves of the Tasman Sea. Unfortunately because it felt like a hurricane it made it very difficult to see/navigate to the formation so we didn’t really see it. 

Our bus zoomed to Hokitika where we got off around 4 and arrived at our new WWOOF, Drifting Sands – a B&B run by the beautiful and adventuress Claire. 

Claire is a star. I have only spent a few hours with her thus far but she is just a cool girl who loves adventure, travelling, having a good time, and her beautiful ‘wee wonderland’ as she calls it. Or jobs here are mostly ‘resetting’ the rooms… So cleaning the kitchen, making the rooms up (washing linens and making beds), starting the wood stove, and making sure the place is lovely and put together. It’s a crazy cozy space with twinkle lights, wooden accent walls & tables, and soft acoustic music playing at all times. 

We are not in the main lodge we are staying in a small bunky in the yard which is small but charming and warm. 

Last night Claire made us a tasty dinner of chicken with some quinoa type dish that had raisons, parsley, tomatoes, and lemon in it. We had a glass of wine and began getting to know Claire as well as the WWOOFer Arrica from The States who was here for 2 weeks before us as leaving the next day. After dinner we all snuggled in Claire’s bed and watching a documentary called Maiden Trip which is a movie about a 14 year old Dutch girl named Laura who sailed around the world.. Alone. So badass! 

This morning we got up for breakfast at 8:30 which was homemade bread (Turkish date and cinnamon 😍) which homemade plum jams and lemon honey and of course, coffee. Checkout is at 10am which is when we would normally start to clean the rooms but due to the weather closing many of the main roads, there are lots of cancellations/people staying for another night waiting for the rain to pass/roads to re-open which means we actually get our first day here off! The plan right now is to grab some groceries for lunches and dinners (Claire supplies breakfast, accomodation, internet, in exchange for 2-3 hours of work – we are only our own for lunch and dinner but we have a fully equipped kitchen to use!).its a little bit different then the other WWOOFS we have done but I’m really excited! Also this is a beach property… Just a 1 min walk to the Wild wild Westcoast!! 

Sending love! ❤️


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