DAY 100 

So today is a big day for Rach and I – 100 days on the road. I can confidently say it has been quite an adventure. We had some tough ol’ days, some emotional days, some loooooong days but it was 110% worth it. 

Today was our another glamorous day at the garden – back to the local horse farm to get us some more doodie. It was a tough morning but I know that everything we have done for Kristina she really appreciates. She makes an effort to make sure she sincerely thanks Rachel and I at the end of every work day. We have loved cooking with her and getting to know Eddie and her over lovely organic meals. We are leaving tomorrow morning and have a few nights where we are hopping towns with out fancy bus pass and then we will be arriving to our next WWOOF location in the town of Katikati where we will be working on a blueberry orchard (we have a home for the holidays❤️)

I have learned so much since I left in that little Air Transat plane to Athens. I’m so proud of myself and Rach for doing this. Some things I have learned that I would love to share with you all:

– check the hotel 3 times before you leave.. drawers, plugs, showers, desks, etc. 

– Avoid 30 hour flights when possible.. If you can’t fly Emeriates because they treat you like a queen (the hot towels are my favourite!)

– Sometimes when you are booking things it’s better to spend the extra 20 to be close to the city centre… You will probably end up spending at least 20 dollars on local transit if you don’t 

– There is no need to eat 3 chocolate bars in one night…. 

– There is no right or wrong way to travel. Everyone’s experiences are going to be different.

– Family and friends are the most important. Everything else is secondary. 

– and for me this has been the most important thing: just because you are working on something that you want to do alone – ex flying around the world to experience culture and learn about yourself – doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. Reaching out to people doesn’t make you a weak person… I think it actually makes you more self-aware and a stronger person for knowing when you need help or a little pick-me-up. 

I’ve learned so many other things but for this post I think I will keep them to myself and continue to build upon them. I’m so happy we have made it this far and happy that our adventure isn’t over yet. 



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