Fins, Nogan, Duude – Day 87

Sydney!!!! Damn you are a cool place to see – a perfect cross between city and beach. 

Our last day is Brisbane was pretty slow as we soaked up the privacy and comfort of the Airbnb we booked. I was feeling a little homesick and run down to be quite honest so I had a nice FaceTime chat with my parents (and Tucker) which put me back in my happy adventurous place. I took a nice long shower, stayed in my pjs till noon and just relaxed before we headed off the the airport and hopped on a plane to Sydney! We arrived around 9:30 at our hostel in the small town of Newtown where we grabbed some grub before heading off to bed. 

The next morning we met up with our lovely friend from Greece, Emily. This was super cool because Em met us on our first day… Sydney always seemed ages away and then suddenly we are at her house catching up on everything that has happened since. Emily was just in South Africa working on a cheetah reserve – her pictures and stories were unreal. She had only arrived home the day before so she was jet-lagged and in addition to that, while she was in South Africa on a night out with her friends she broke her toe, poor girl! Still she agreed to host us ❤️. We enjoyed a lovely home-made dinner with her family and lots of snuggles, movies, and chats for the rest of the evening. The next day Em and her mum took us to the local animal farm where we were able to see some more Australian animals. Still love the Roos and the Kualas! Also still scared of he crocs… 

Em had an appointment at 2:30 so we hugged her goodbye at the train station and made our way to Central Sydney to find our hostel, the Maze Backpackers. I have to say I was pretty shocked – when we got into our room, the people who were already settled in the room had unpacked like they were at home. Rachel and I stuffed our bags under and on our beds and took off out of there to explore the city. 

We walked through the main harbour and then all the way to Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. SO COOL! All I could think about was Finding Nemo and all the scenes that took place with this background. After walking around the opera house and taking every touristy photo possible, we decided to head back to the hostel. We attempted to strategically move our  things around our roommates stuff and then took a little nap. In the evening we grabbed an authentic Australian meat pie and a cocktail at a bar down the street. What a lovely day! 

Our last full day in Sydney was spent at the beautiful Bondi Beach. It was so so beautiful – Rachel and I realized how much we missed Greece as we soaked up some Vitamin D and swam in the salty ocean. Didn’t have to take on any jellies which was a plus! 

When we got back to the hostel, we realized just how much Vitamin D we actually got. We weren’t just sun-kissed. No, we were like sun-smooched all over. My whole face and neck had a solid red glow while Rachel had scalded her back and legs. Clearly the whole ‘the sun is stronger is Aus’ isn’t a myth – SPF 30 did not cut it. We were planning on meeting up with a friend of mine from Donning at school, Alisha, for some apps and drinks back at Bondi beach but while we were grabbing dinner Rachel mentioned that she felt a little sick because of the sun and not wanting to take any risks, we had a chill night in an apologized to Alisha for missing her. 

Today is the beginning of the third and longest leg of our trip- New Zealand. We have a few days to get to know the city of Auckland and then we are starting a whole new adventure of WWOOFing. For those who don’t know, WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms and is a program that facilitates culture exchange by volunteering to work with families on farms and in return, the WWOOFer gets a couple of meals and a place to sleep. It’s something that Rachel and I are really excited about and is completely new to us. We are really excited and I think we are both ready for a change of pace – it will be nice to take things a little slower and enjoy some temporary homes. I have to say, the one thing that I have missed most other than family, friends, dogs, etc., is a kitchen table. I realize that sounds weird but there is something cozy, authentic, and comforting about having breakfast, coffee, reading, writing, and socializing at a kitchen table. 

Currently at the Sydney airport- sending all my love! Xxo ❤️


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