Brissy – Day 82

I have noticed that Australians have a tendency to make everything sound cuter by adding the “e” sound to the end of it – therefore my title actually refers my stay in the city of Brisbane!

We were picked up from the airport by another Whistler buddy of Rachel’s who also happens to be named Kristy. She brought us to a healthy burger place (yes this exists and it’s delicious) and showed us around the main strip. She also gave us some cheap and cheerful things to look into during our stay in Brisbane. 

We spent the next couple of days walking around and discovering all the little gems that Brissy had for us. We walked through the GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) which unfortunately had many of their exhibits under construction; however, admission was free so we walked around anyways and were still able to see a few cool pieces. 

We walked through the Botanic Gardens which were beautiful and lush and smelt amazing with all the blooming spring flowers. Our hostel also had a really cool view of the city from the fifth floor rooftop patio so we spent some time up their soaking up the sun and trip planning.

On our Saturday morning we headed over to this really cute farmers market in Davies Park on the South Bank of Brisbane. We walked from vendor to vendor with our coffees and admired everything from jewellery to vegetables to clothing to fast food. We grabbed some amazing smelling nachos for lunch and then sat on a grass hill listening to some amazing acoustic singer/songwriters jam out. It was relaxing and just felt like a great way to be doing our Saturday.

Originally our plan was to spend 3 days in Brisbane and 3 days in Goldcoast before going of the Sydney. Rach had a few friends that she wanted to connect with during our time in Brisbane but they were only available on the days we had planned for Gold Coast… So we shuffled some things around and decided to spend an extra couple of days in Brisbane.

We met up with Rachel’s friend Peta on Sunday – this friend was actually someone that worked at Rachel’s family’s bike park, Joy Ride, many moons ago. Peta was really really wonderful – she brought us to a beautiful look out over the city at Mount Cootha and took us around some trails. During our hike she was asking us about what we thought of Australia: the culture, the heat, the food… When we mentioned we hadn’t tried too much authentic Aussie food, she offered to make us a lunch at her place with all the things that we simply couldn’t leave without trying. This included vegemite on toast (seriously not as bad as its cracked up to be… Just really salty- I would recommend with an avocado. Rachel didn’t like it as much as I did), Kangaroo Sausages (pretty good and a very lean meat!), lemingtons (cake covered in chocolate and coconut with a berry and cream filling – amazing!!) and Anzac cookies (oaty cookies named after the military – the cookies take a long time to go bad so soldiers often ate them while away at war). After a long day of hiking and great food, we took our full tummies back to our hostel and had a chill night in. 

Today was our last day in Brisbane and  Kristy (same gal from night one), planned a packed adventure day for us. For the first stop, she picked us up to take us back to Mount Cootha at 4:30am to see the sunrise over the city skyline. So worth the early rise!

Post sunrise we drove to the Glasshouse Mountains for a jungle-like hike with a crazy view. We pulled over about halfway there for some coffee at Rachel’s request – both of us looked like we were squinting as we fought our heavy eyelids. The caffeine finally kicked in and gave us an extra little push.The hike was amazing.. A little hidden and hard to find but so so worth searching for. Plus we beat the traffic and the Aussie heat wrapping up our hike at a nice 9:30am. 

Moving on, we stopped at the Lone Pine Kuala Santuary which was really cool! We saw more cassowaries, crocs, wombats and of course kualas, but also some other cool Aussie animals like the Tasmanian devil, kookaburras, platypuses, snakes, and we even had the chance to feed some kangaroos. Missing my puppy I thought about petting the little ‘roo but figured that He wouldn’t enjoy it as much as Tuck would. 

By the time we finished at the Santuary we were starved so we went to a local Thai food place that Kristy liked and it was spot on! Had a beer with some cashew chicken stir fry thinking nothing had ever tasted so good. Our last stop was Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast. We swam in the ocean and seriously spent a good half hour jumping over waves like children, giggling as we belly flopped over the crests. We said goodbye to Kristy at our Airbnb which she kindly offered to drop us off at in the town one over from Gold Coast (angel!)

It’s now 10:20pm here and I am exhausted! We have a nice morning to check out the little town of Tweed Head before we fly Nel, Des, and ourselves off to Sydney.

WARNING: readers .. Finding Nemo. The movie speaks to my soul – I swear. It gives life advice, makes me laugh, and the ending gives me happiness goosebumps. I am warning you that the post that follows this will be full of Finding Nemo quotes and jokes. I encourage all of you to watch it again. 

Sending love from Brissy in the land of Oz ❤️


One thought on “Brissy – Day 82

  1. And who knew that Finding Nemo had a starring role for your mom, in the form of Nemo’s dad….and yes, life lesson for me as well…XOXOXOXO


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