Holy Crap We Are Leaving Europe – Day 69

So during the planning of this trip Rachel and I talked about how our eight month adventure was actually three trips rolled into one. Part one was Europe.. And it is officially coming to the close.. I write this as I am watching our airplane pull up (Airbus actually – and it’s MASSIVE).
Berlin was one of my favourite cities for sure throughout this trip. There was so much history behind everything from ornate cathedrals to simple parking lots. 
On our second day in Berlin we did a free walking tour of the city led by a lovely lady named Sophie from Wales who majored in history in school and was more then happy to lead us around Berlin showing us Checkpoint Charlie, Universities, Cathedrals, remains of the Berlin Wall,  and many monuments dedicated to those who were impacted by World War 2. 

Post walking tour we checked out this authentic Lebonese restaurant, Babel, upon recommendation and I tasted my first wrap with haloumi cheese – my world was rocked.

For our third full day we visited Sacherhausen Concentration Camp. This was something that Rachel really wanted to do and was something that I was told everyone should visit at least once in their life. It was a very sobering and emotional experience to say the least.

Our last day in Berlin we went to Kreuzberg as per our Airbnb host and my cousin Jordana’s recommendation. A beautiful little town with very cute streets to wander. We treated ourselves to some cake and coffee and I filled a licorice craving at a super cute gourmet licorice store called Kado (if you’re in the area check that out!!). 

In the evening we took a quick flight over to Paris, our last stop in Europe, where we were completely spoiled and loved by our moms! 

Rachel’s mom, Leslie, met up with us for the first night where we grabbed crepes-to-go and headed to our amazing Airbnb! We met my lovely mom the next morning around 12. The four days we spent with them were amazing. Leslie, Rachel, my mom and I spent our days together walking the entirety of Paris, from the Latin Quater & Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower (at night of course – you can’t miss the light show), Champs Elysee, Place de Vogses (the most beautiful square in Paris), authentic Parisian Sunday morning Markets, and Montmarte & Sacre Coeur.

We tried all kinds of French cuisine like French onion soup (PERFECT for cold weather), croissants, crepes, and OF COURSE French macaroons. I stayed in Paris in July of 2010 for about a month studying French so the entire stay was completely nostalgic and lovely. I could not have thought of a better place to meet up with our moms – the entire four days was just full of hugs and warm fuzzies. I am so so so thankful.. Their visit meant more than words can say… When I had to say goodbye to my mom on the subway I had the biggest lump in my throat. Thanks for coming Moms – Rach and I love you to the moon and back!! 

So… This is it for Europe. I can’t believe this chunk of the trip is over. Seems like yesterday I was lying on the beach in Naxos or Captain Morgan-ing a mountain in Switzerland. I can honestly say I am incredibly proud of Rach and myself because I can tell you this, there were moments where my head was in my hands and I seriously did not think I would make it to this point. Yet here we are, sitting waiting to board our flight to ‘Oz’ (just learned this new slang for Australia- call me a local). I am so happy that the lows made the highs so exhilarating and thankful for the challenges that forced me to grow in ways I otherwise wouldn’t have. We have made it this far and I am so excited to see what is still to come. Or at least I’m excited for what is to come in 35 hours from now because our flight to Cairns is 29 hours. 

Bye Europe… Thanks for the memories. I will definitely be back for some more pizza, goulash, espresso, and macaroons. (It’s really all about the food). 

Sending love from Charles de Gaulle Airport dans Paris 😘😘 (a kiss for both cheeks – I’m very European now).


One thought on “Holy Crap We Are Leaving Europe – Day 69

  1. I had the same lump in my throat! So proud of you and Rachel – your spirit of adventure coupled with your courageous hearts is inspiring. This journey will take you through hills, valleys, mountains, caves , swamps and waterfalls from which you will learn and grow exponentially!!! Go Girls Go!
    Love mom


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