A bit of Budapest, a bit of Berlin – Day 61

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone at home and all my readers have come up with some creative and fun costumes or at least get to see some while they are giving out candy! 

I have been on the mend for the last couple days from something similar to strep throat and am still on antibiotics so my Halloween fun is a good ol chocolate bar and some favourite childhood Halloween films. I am feeling a lot better than I was in Budapest thanks to the antibiotics, some rest/yoga time, all the tea Rach made me, and all the healing energies I got from friends and family 🙂  While I sat here I figured I would take some time to throw out a few quick updates! 

Budapest was really cool and we FINALLY got a glimpse of some good weather even though it was a bit chilly! A little sun makes all the difference. Our amazing host left us a list of the top 10 things to do in Budapest which served to be a great guide for us! On our first full day after I received my medication and had a little rest Rachel and I hit one of our host’s suggestions, the Central Market Place – one of the biggest and best known markets in Europe. The smell hit us as soon as we walked in; meats, cheeses, fruits, pastries and soups wafted through the warehouse-like building. 

It was actually really fun to walk through even though we didn’t end up buying anything. It reminded me a lot of St. Jacobs Market and gave me home-y feelings. No apple fritters though – those who know St. Jacobs know what I am talking about. 

The next full day we decided to visit Szechenyi Thermal Baths and Pool. It was a good 7km walk from our Airbnb but we made the trek and it was worth it! There are several pools with different temperatures that you can dip in and out of. My favourite was the big outdoor pool which was a nice 37 degrees. We also tried out the heart-stopping fun of flipping between the sauna and an a pool of ice water. It was a really fun morning and early afternoon of swimming and felt really good for my lungs and throat as well! No pictures of the inside because I couldn’t get the camera wet but the outside is gorgeous so you can imagine what the inside looks like! 

In the afternoon we checked out the Parliament Building and the Shoes on the Danube memorial. 

The Shoes on the Danube Memorial was really cool – when we stumbled upon it I didn’t really know what it was. As soon as I had wifi I looked it up and the story was actually quite sad. The sculptur Gyula Pauer created it in memory of the 3,500 people – 800 of them Jewish – who were shot on the bank of the Pest side of the Danube River by Arrow Cross Militiamen in World War Two. These people were asked to take off their shoes so that when they were shot their bodies fell into the River which would carry them away. Many of the shoe statues were filled with flowers and candles that people had left in them. An incredibly sad little piece of history that I didn’t know before! Having some background information really changed the way I looked at the photo.

After our full day of walking around scouring the Pest side of the river we had a nice night in flipping around on Netflix and eating some ice cream with the justification that it was good for our throats 😉

The next day we walked to Margret Island – a nice big mostly green Island in between Buda and Pest. We watched the dancing fountains and walked around the island making a point to avoid hitting bikers and runners (they sneak up on you!)

In the evening we were told by a friend of ours from Rhodes, Franco, that Budapest was the most beautiful city at night. Leaving no stone unturned, we bundled ourselves up, grabbed a hot chocolate and had a chance to walk around and see the city lit up! 

With our last day we hiked up to see the Liberty Statue Memorial on a hill on the Buda side of the Danube River. This statue is meant to commemorate the many lives that were sacrificed for the independence of Hungary. It also happens to have just a beautiful view over Budapest. After our eyes were bored of that (just kidding – but we did have to keep moving) we walked through the exterior of the National Hungarian Museum which is also a very extravagant piece of architecture.

We wrapped up our stay in Budapest at 5pm that evening catching a 13 hour overnight bus to Berlin allowing us to arrive at a nice early 5:45am. We somehow through the grog, we managed to get to our Airbnb, get freshened up, grab some breakfast and even splurged on a S-Bahn (subway) pass for the next 4 days so we can give our feet a break from walking 20 plus km a day. 

Tomorrow we are planning on hitting a free walking tour and checking out some cool food places recommended to us by my amazing cousin, Jordana! After that we will see where the day takes us! 

Sending love and Happy Trick-or-Treating ❤️👻… Infinite X’s and O’s


2 thoughts on “A bit of Budapest, a bit of Berlin – Day 61

  1. So relieved that you are both feeling better. Sunshine and rest are good medicine. Learning so much from al, your travels. Happy halloween. Evan is a fabulous pirate, which Aunty Megan helped put together, bottle of rum, gold coins and all. Safe travels.


  2. Sounds like you’re on the mend and back in the land of the living!
    Very happy to see this post.
    Thinking of you ~ ENJOY!


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