Budapest – Day 57

Last night after having finished 40 minutes of beautiful soothing sounds, stretching and yoga, I went to get ready for bed. My neck was sore pre-yoga but I hoped the stretching would help that out. Unfortunately when I went to brush my teeth I opened my mouth in the mirror to discover the back of my throat was covered in white spots. It would appear I had caught Rach’ strep which would make sense because even though we have been super careful about cross-contamination, strep is highly contagious. Rachel had already gone to bed but I ended up waking her up anyways to help me get in touch with our Budapest Host, Dominik. (Shout out to my best friend – love you sorry for causing your loss of sleep❤️). Thank heavens our host was still up and talked to me on the phone for about 15 minutes with recommended doctors, how to get there, phone numbers, and health tips – he also happened to work in health care. 

This morning after having barely slept we went to the recommended hospital and I saw a lovely English speaking doctor who was happy to help me. Another surprising turn – this girl right here doesn’t have strep… My test was negative even though I have all the symptoms. Since I have never had mono before it and mono can have similar symptoms to strep, this is a possibility. However, my lady doctor gave me some antibiotics that aren’t necessarily for strep but to help fight the bacteria, as well as some medicated ibuprofen to help with the fever and sleep. In 7-10 days if I’m not better mono is likely the cause but for now I’m just hoping the test was wrong, it’s strep and I’ll be better soon. 

Last post I was all about celebrating the challenges and opportunities that force you to grow, even though they can be unpleasant. I’m not going to lie, I’m finding it hard right now. I’m really frustrated and I just want to explore but I know I have to be patient and let my body heal (and Rachel’s for the matter). The antsy part of me is craving to explore but I know I have to slow down which is a little against my nature. 

I apologize if you are reading this blog thinking my gosh is this little Canadian a complainer or what!? The purpose of this blog to is to be honest about my travels and experiences. I am more than grateful to be backpacking with my best friend around the world – not many people get to say they did that and I take pride in how we have handled ourselves through the flaming rings we have jumped through. But at the end of the day this is what traveling is and anyone who tells you that it’s just sunshine, ice cream, and Instagram worthy photographs is either lying or incredibly lucky! I am trying to put on a positive face and a smile but so you readers know, at this moment this is hard… Even though I know it will eventually work out regardless of the outcome.

I am raising a tired but determined arm with a class of sparkling apple juice (alcohol – including champagne unfortunately, is a no-no when taking the antibiotics) and sending a Cheers to all my readers, friends, and family who are taking time to read this and stick along with me. I promise to keep you updated! Sending love (and virtual hugs and kisses because I don’t think that they will get you sick from over here) from Budapest ❤️ xox


6 thoughts on “Budapest – Day 57

  1. Hi Nicole,
    I’ve been soooooo enjoying your blog/photos, excellent job!
    Have been checking in a couple times per week for your updates.
    So sorry to hear you (and Rachel) are under the weather.
    Hang in there!
    Thinking of you with love and wishing you better soon.


  2. Hi Honey – I am with you in spirit and know we are counting the days – 7 more sleeps for Leslie – 8 more for me. I loved your Gilmore story and can see you now being that Laureli, determined, tenacious, courageous and brave. You and Rachel are the pioneer women travellers of your day! Remember the stories of all of the women explorers we read about as you carefully and purposefully named the knapsack. You come from a solid line of strong and determined women, your own great grandmother Marguerite de Bloeme, whose journey of courage and strength I will share with you when we meet. Rest and recover Colie, just savour the moments you can and funnel all energy into healing. XOXOXOXOXO


  3. Time will heal Nicole and Rach, no place like home when not feeling well. But you have each other to cheer the other on, the blessings of friendship. Soon you will see some family, which will be good medicine for the soul. I remember getting measles on my travels, but you cover up, slow down and carry on….
    So enjoying your posts, thanks for taking the time , even when feeling unwell to keep us informed. Love us.


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