Prague – Day 55

I’m a Gilmore Girls fanatic – I just am. I remember most episodes and constantly find ways to relate it to my life. My sister, my mom and I used to watch it in her bed when we were little and it’s just gives me this warm fuzzy comforting feeling when I watch it – it’s also incredibly amusing in my opinion. I bring this up because there is an episode in season 3 – I don’t remember which one – where the Independence Inn burns down and Lorelei realizes she can’t afford her share of the money to buy the Dragonfly Inn while still managing to send Rory to Yale.. So she buys champagne, goes over to her best friend’s house,  Sooki’s, and breaks the news to her by putting on festive upbeat music and clinking glasses with her saying “here’s to new challenges”. In the episode it is meant to kind of be sarcastic but I like it and I think that the last couple of days in Prague specifically, as well as the rest of our trip can be related to that – the challenge is the part where you grow so why not try and celebrate it.. Right?

We have been working on trying to getting Rach back to her 100% because she has been feeling pretty under the weather since Munich. Yesterday morning she announced that her throat had gotten infinitely worse and she was 95% sure she had strep throat. (Cheers that champagne here – new challenge) So we made our way to the hospital -which took about an hour  to figure out which hospital to even go to.. We had to ensure they took foreigners and at least one doctor spoke some kind of English. We got there only to find out that they couldn’t take us that day and they only accept EU travel insurance (cheers). However the receptionist was able to make us an appointment for this morning at 7:30. I felt like I had been holding my breath until Rachel came out of the appointment with her perscription and I finally felt like I could fully exhale. I know it’s a bad thing but I was almost happy that it was strep because at least there was an antibiotic that they could give her to help her fight it rather than just waiting on her immune system – when your travelling and your sick, Rachel explained to me, your body is just completely depleted of energy. At least this way there’s a little assistance!

As I was going to bed yesterday I realized my piraformus was acting up and my lower back was in incredible pain. (Cheers!)  I tried to reach my toes and I could only get my hand about halfway down my shin – normally I can get almost my whole palm on the ground. This was a huge wake up call – I have totally been ignoring my body and not stretched at all!  Wasting no time I downloaded a mediation app and a yoga app and I am making it a new goal of mine to incorporate around 20 minutes of stretching and mobility into my days.

At least for me – and I would say Rachel too – Prague has been a big wake up call to pay more attention to making sure our bodies are happy first before we go scouring cities.

In the midst of all this effort to balance our bodies, Rachel and I did a free walking tour which took us through a lot of the big tourist destinations including the astrological clock tower, the Jewish Quarter, Charles University, Charles Theatre, and some cool monuments and statues. It rained which was unfortunate but we were able to hear a lot about the history of Prague!

We also spent one of our days doing a self guided walking tour through the famous medieval castle, visiting some cool look out points, walking the Charles Bridge, passing the Petrin lookout tower, (looks like the Eiffel Tower and is meant to be one of the most romantic places in Prague), and the Spanish Cathedral.

We also stopped for some hot chocolate, Gluwein and a traditional Prague sweet treat called Medovnik (there are other names for it but this is the only one I know).

Yesterday while Rachel was resting I wandered through the old city of Prague and found the John Lennon wall and Pub. This is probably one of the coolest things I came across in Prague – the wall is basically a big piece of legal graffiti advocating peace and love. John Lennon song lyrics are all over it along with quotes, pictures, names, and dates. In 2014, on the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the wall was painted over in white by some local artists and left with only the words “War is Over” on it. Since then it has been recovered with a art.. Which brings me to my favourite point about the wall. This wall is constantly changing and being transformed so what I saw on the walls when I visited it will be totally different then what other travellers and friends see months and years down the road.. Cool!

Off to Budapest tomorrow! It’s a long 8 hour trip on the bus with a layover in Vienna which means lots of strategic packing and stretching for tonight. Sending love from Prague ❤️ xo


3 thoughts on “Prague – Day 55

  1. Prague looks amazing, romantic and medieval – right up my alley. Must add to the bucket list!
    I’m glad to hear that you girls are taking care of yourselves now, travel really takes a toll on a body and maybe more the rustic, adventurous way you two are doing it – take care!!
    Love from Florida Xxoo


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