The hills are alive with the sound of rain – Salzburg, Day 49

Our first night here in Salzburg was pretty relaxing – Rach and I went for a nice long dinner and had a chance to try goulash from an authentic beerhouse down the street from us. This would be the first time I have had goulash – that I can remember – it was so good! The meat was incredibly tender and it came with a dumpling on the side… About the size of a baseball (speaking of, let’s go Jay’s!). Anyways the food was delicious. When we got back Rach and I got ice cream from the bar on the main floor of our hostel and watched some tv! The original plan was to watch the Sound of Music but unfortunately we couldn’t get it to load. 

The next morning it was raining but we put on some water resistant gear and set off to find the Cafe Sacher. This cafe is special. The story of the cafe dates back to 1832 when a confectioner, Franz Sacher was asked to create a cake for Austrian State Chancellor, Klemens von Metternich. The story goes that Franz made this incredible chocolate cake that was so good, Royals from all over Europe travelled to try this cake. Franz married a lovely lady, Anna Sacher who helped him continue to create cakes and eventually in the passing of her husband, she relocated to Salburg and opened a hotel that featured a cafe just inside the main lobby. After World War One there were some financial issues and the hotel and cafe were sold to the Gurtler Family. Cafe & Hotel Sacher over looks the river in the main part of Old Town and are still family owned. Having known this was a cute little piece of history that involved amazing Austrian coffee and decadent world renowned chocolate cake we had to give it a try! It was absolutely amazing and worth the rainy walk! Someone told me that a slice of this cake is 1000 calories… For the healthy people out there, it is worth every calorie.

After this Rachel was starting to feel sick again (not the cake) so we headed back to our hostel. Rach took a nap and relaxed while I planned and researched things for New Zealand. A friend that we met at our Munich hostel, Aleysha from Puerto Rico, joined us at our hostel here in Salzberg which was really cool! Rachel opted to take a night in and focus on getting better but insisted that I join our new friend in walking around and getting some dinner. 

I met up with Aleysha around 6pm. We hiked up to see the fortress at the top of the hill and check out the view that overlooked the town. 

Unfortunately it was still raining and getting dark so we decided not to much more sight-seeing. We went to a bar called Wein Co and I have a beer and pumpkin soup! It felt ‘very fall’ and was just so delicious especially on a cold rainy night. After our dinner we hopped across the river to a place called Shamrocks which was an Irish pub. This place had lots of people in it and a really talented guitar player that was playing a wide variety of great tunes. We had a beer and swayed along until the end of his set and then headed back to the hostel. 

This morning Aleysha did the Sound of Music Tour but because Rachel and I were cheap and a lot of the places are in walking distance we opted to sleep in a bit (it was also still raining) and walk around trying to find the places on our own. We stopped by Mozart’s House – which is now a museum, saw the Mirabelle Gardens and Palace (used in the Sound of Music!), and sought out a yummy currie place for lunch. 

After lunch Aleysha was done her tour so we met up for some delicious Apple Studel and coffee. It was so yummy! 

We came back to the hostel and relaxed a little, freshened up and got packed up as we leave for Prague tomorrow. It is a 8.5 hour drive and we leave at 8:30am.  

We got dinner at another beerhouse around the corner and had the last item on the Austria food check list, Schnizel. SO YUMMY and great because it is filling but not gut busting. 

This restaurant was so funny – I think the table had been reserved but the people who booked it were late so they gave us the table. After our food arrived it seemed as though the people who had reserved the time had showed up because the minute I finished the last bite of Schnizel, before I even had a chance to put my fork down the waitress came over and said “very good ya? All done.” And took away my plate. Within two minutes of our plates being cleared we had received the bill and been reaffirmed that the bill did not include tip. Our waitress literally stood there and watched us pay. It was crazy because in the rest of Europe every where that we have gone we usually spend 30 mins trying to just make eye contact with the wait staff. 

Tonight the hostel is putting on the Sound of Music so we finally get to watch it -yay! Relaxing evening. Rach is starting to feel a little better which is good and the weather being rainy is a downer for sight-seeing but makes us feel less guilty for slowing down and focusing on some self-love. We’re hoping that a couple more good nights of rest will do the trick! 

I think I might need to start some kind of work out routine or something to burn of some of that cake and beer! Sending love from the rainy Salzburg ❤️


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