Saint Gallen, Munich, Salzburg – Day 47 

On Day 43 Rach and I met up with Christa – Fairy Godparent’s niece – at the train station in Herisau, Switzerland. She took us back to the house of Erika’s Sister / Christa’s mom, Annarose, where we would be sleeping for the night. We had a bit of time to put down our stuff and regrouped a bit and then Christa drove us to the beautiful town of Saint Gallen to explore. First we visited the Olma – a Swiss fair that was in town for 10 days! We ate Bratwurst sausage (a must), tried Gluwein (spiced hot red wine), and Magenbrot (sugar and sliced bread). 

After our tummies were full, we visited the Abby Library (aka Stiftsbibliothek). We were instructed not to take pictures (oops) and we also had to wear slippers over out shoes to avoid scratching or making skid marks  the beautiful wooden floors. The little library/muesum consisted of thousands of books that were written by monks and other educated medieval scribs. Books ranged from geography, to medicine, to philosophy. It was so cool to see how much we know now compared to what was known then and how different medical diagnosises were made. 

We walked around and explored some more of the town which also included locating our bus stop to Munich for the following day. 

When we arrived back at the house Christa and Annarose were kind enough to make us an amazing dinner of rotti, salad, and some meat appetizers. They even did a load of laundry for us (so nice to actually smell good!!)

The next morning we had a nice breakfast and some coffee and headed off to Munich arriving at the Wombats Hostel at around 4pm. We ate our leftover sandwiches that we had made earlier that day for dinner, freshened up and went to the hostel bar below for a complimentary drink. We shared a beer with a nice girl from Iowa named Kate and later in the evening ended up visiting a beer hall with a nice guy name Mike from Texas and a few other ladies we met that graduated 2 years ago from Laurier and Ryerson – WHATTTT small world. 

The next day was a pretty relaxing one – Rach and I walked around the English Gardens for a couple of hours and stopped at the beer garden in the middle for a quick lunch. It’s so cool there is this fast moving river through the park that actually generates a decent wave. Lots of people bring their surf boards and take turns jumping into the water on their boards and try and catch the waves! It was really cool – definitely not something that one would find in the small town of Newmarket. 

After the gardens Rach and I found this really cool supposedly German restaurant. At first I was slightly let down that the place that I thought would serve authentic German cuisine actually served American food. However this was potentially the best burger I have ever had and I think Rach can agree. We had a chill night when we got back to the hostel and did a little more planning for the rest of our stay in Europe. 

The next morning we went on a tour with some people from our hostel to see the Neushwanstein Castle – belonging to the Bavarian King Ludwig. If you don’t know this castle, think about Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World. Cinderella’s Castle was modelled after this one. We ended up spending a little more money then we planned but it was totally worth it to have a guide who was actually able to tell us about the history of King Ludwig and the castle. Neushwanstein Castle is completely enchanting on both the inside and the outside. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures to convey the beauty of the interior of the castle but it was full of gold swirls, hidden swans, gems, and beautiful paintings. 

We spent our last night in Munich drinking some beer with the new friends we made on the tour! 

This morning we picked up, checked out, and hit up Salzburg! Our new hostel seens cool and seems like it’s a pretty walk into the old town. 

After settling in a little it was clear that the cold that Rach had been fighting off was starting to get worse. After giving her a big hug, I let her nap while I picked up some goodies for breakfast tomorrow. The weather looks kinda poop tomorrow (90% Chance of rain for about 90% of the day) so we have decided to take an easy night tonight and grab a nice bite to eat and then stay in to watch The Sound of Music (in case you have lived under a rock since Julie Andrews killed it in the best musical ever, this movie was filmed here in Salzburg). This way we are well rested and can walk around the town jumping from museums to cafes around the Old Town tomorrow, picking out places from the movie! (And we don’t have to pay for a guided tour). 

Sending love from the wet side of the rain clouds in Salzburg. Missing you all 


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