Thanksgiving without Turkey – Day 39

What a wonderfully crazy last few days. 

Day 34, Rachel and I explored another hike in the Zermatt mountains called the 5 lakes. We got lost – surprising – and only ended up seeing 4 of the 5 lakes but they were really cool! The first lake we saw called Moojisee was this incredibly turquoise blue that just made the colours of the mountains and the trees pop out. The contrast was picture perfect and just breathtaking.


The next two lakes were clearer than Moosjisee so you could see the reflections of the trees in the water! Really really cool. As we were walking (and lost, I will add) I kept looking up the mountain and seeing little specks moving. After a minute I realized they were people. Holy crap they were high – we had already been hiking on a (steep!!) incline for about 2 hours. Little did I know that soon that would be us. We hiked in search of the final lake, Stellisee, which ended up taking us very very high into the mountain but gave us one of the most unbelievable views. This lake was bigger than the rest and because it was so high there were less tree so you could see the whole Matterhorn which was also reflected in the water. 


There were some mountain goats nearby sunbathing and munching away. It just seemed so typical Swiss – better than I imagined it would be.. It felt like it was in a movie or something. 

Hanging out wish some Mountain Goats!
More mountain goats!

It was definitely a bottle-it-up moment. 

On our final night there we ate Raclette, a traditional Swiss dish, with out Airbnb host and another Swiss couple. After a few glasses of wine and lots of cheese they asked us if we had any reservations made for the next couple of days because if we didn’t they would love to have us to their place for a few days. Unfortunately about an hour before dinner I booked an Airbnb in Thun (another small Swiss town near Interlaken) because we were leaving the next day – check out was at 10 – and we had not made any arrangements for accommodation. After a stressful few hours I was able to cancel the Airbnb and get 90% of my money back. We got on the train with our lovely new Swiss friends, Roland and Erika, and headed to their place the following morning.

Roland and Erika have been the perfect hosts and have gone out of their way to ensure our comfort. It’s been incredible – they have the biggest hearts! While Roland speaks a little English, Erika only speaks Swiss-German and French. This has made communicating difficult… Rach and I are making every effort to speak in French with them, trying to remember all of Mme. Ficker and Mme. Lazarek’s lessons (wishing I paid more attention – Oops). Still Erika and Roland have taken us around different towns including Thun, Bern, Biel, and Solothurn to show us their Switzerland and pointing out all of the tourist attractions or things they love about the cities (in between sips of coffee).

Dinner, Night 1; Roland, Erika, and Rachel
the Big Clock Tower in Bern – when the hour changes the bears dance!
City of Bern
Chestnut Puree and Real Whipped Cream – a Traditional Swiss dessert
Visiting the Market in Solothurn – Sunflowers remind me of my mom!
Coffee and Sweets break when it started to rain – Solothurn

Last night Erika and Roland had their friends from the town one over to come and visit. After a few hours more and more people came threw the door. We brought out more wine glasses, more chairs, and more fondu as we laughed and chatted through the night – Rach and I mostly listened and piped in when we understood what was happening. 

Fondu night – Isabelle, Laurent, Roland, and Rachel (more people came later!)

It reminded me a lot of my family and my moms open door policy. Also it happens to be Thanksgiving in Canada. In Switzerland this holiday doesn’t really exist, but the atmosphere of last night – the people, the laughter, the food, the drinks – made me feel like this was a very special little thanksgiving here in the Swiss Alps. It didn’t make me miss home less just made me realize how lucky Rachel and I were to find such wonderful people to take us in and look after us for a few days. Thanksgiving is about being thankful and I have to say I am extremely grateful. No turkey but lots of cheese and let’s be honest… Everything is better with cheese 😉 

Sending all my love to my family and friends – Happy Turkey Eating from the Swiss Alps. I miss you all and whether you are eating turkey, cheeses, or pizza (forever loving the student lifestyle), I hope you have a great holiday weekend and have to wear your stretchy pants to work on Tuesday ❤️❤️


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