Rome & Florence (Firenze) – Day 29

Almost one month since we left Toronto…. And while it feels like it was only yesterday I also feel like I have seen, accomplished, and grown so much. 
Rome was almost a blur, spending only one day there. For us Rome was more of a stepping stone to get to Florence. We walked around all day ticking off all the items on the typical tourist stay: the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Plaza Vennezia, the Pantheon, and finally Vatican City. Unfortunately Rachel and I missed the cut off to get into the Vatican Museum meaning we missed the Sistine Chapel which was a bummer. But there was another pleasant surprise for us at the Vatican that made up for it – The Pope was walking around shaking hands in St. Peter’s Square! Though we didn’t get very close to him, seeing that was really cool!
We spent the day of the 26th making our way to Florence and checkin into our cute Airbnb located in the Mercato Central Piazza – best known for the leather markets. 
The 27th was our first full day in Florence and aiming to make the most of our day we woke up at an early 7am. We ate a quick breakfast, packed up and made our way to the Galleria del Accademia to see the famous statue of David by Michelangelo. It is easily the most beautiful sculpture… Even piece of art I have ever seen. The detail in his face, the muscle, his hands! Absolutely amazing. 

It took us about an hour and a half to get through the museum and then we went to get a cheap cappuccino from a nearby cafe. We strolled through for leather markets and both Rachel and I got ourselves some affordable cute sidebags from the vendors as well as some gelato (probably should start a count for this as well – the new gyro). We had a tasty picnic lunch of some fresh bread, salami, tomato, and cheese. If you are an art fanatic Florence is definitely for you. I have taken art history classes I the past and remember many famous pieces reside in Florence but I would spend hours in line ups and many euros trying the see everything. we saw David, but everything else was rather pricey. Rach and I googled free things to do in Florence and spent the remainder of our time checking out different views (favorite – Piazza del Michelangelo), looking at archetecture/art that was publically on display (favorites – The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Pointe Vecchio, and Cupola Del Brunelleschi), and going on “church crawls” (more affordable then a pub crawl – also no hangover). 

Yesterday we ventured to a church called Santa di Mariala Monte which was up another hill above the look out from the piazza Michelangelo. This was definitely one of the most beautiful and intricate churches I have ever seen. Also a fun fact we learned there was that the author of Pinnochio, Carlo Caili was buried there. 

I have had so much fun researching and re-learning art history, as well as learning and seeing new things I didn’t know about before. Florence has definitely been a sweet treat for the little historian inside me!

Today we are heading out to our last leg of Italy, the town of La Spezia, to hike the Cinque Terra (also known as the five Earths). We are taking a 1pm train to La Spezia but because we had to check out of our Airbnb on Florence at 10 and cannot check into our Airbnb in La Spezia until 5, it means we get to people watch and catch up on journaling at a local cafe. Not a bad problem to have!
Sending love from Italy, Ciao ❤️

(Photos to come – wifi is too slow for uploads!)



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