Rhodes to Rome – Day 24

Rhodes has definitely been one of my favorite islands thus far. Each of the islands that we have been to have been just really cool and while all very ‘Greek’ they are all a little different. Rhodes is much more spread out but reminded me a bit of Canada… Lots more greenery, coniferous trees, and hiking. Also instead of having a main town full of white and blue buildings, the old town featured a beautiful Castle to walk through and explore.

I am a big believer in the world putting you where you are meant to be and finding this hostel – Stay – really just made our time in Rhodes so special. To any of Rachel and my new friends if you are reading this… Thank you so much for popping into our lives for the brief period of time you did, you made our time in Rhodes so memorable!

On Thursday, two of our new Dutch friends rented a car and took Rach and I along with them to discover some castles, beaches, amazing views, and explore the abandoned Mussolini’s house. We chased a sunset and had a lovely authentic Greek dinner together before going back to meet all of our other friends at the bar in our hostel.

On Friday, Rach and I got up early, grabbed a cappuccino, and caught a bus to Lindos.  This beach was definitely my favorite so far. Complete with a castle, crystal clear water, and a little white Greek town nearby, it was just stunning. After coming back all sun-kissed we ventured into town to check out a Gyro place my dad and brother recommended from their trip in 2011 called George’s Special. It was so good! This was our last gyro bringing the final tally to 26 gyros. I’m not sure I am impressed with myself or disgusted? Either way – so delicious.

Post gyro we grabbed some cheap wine from the supermarket and drank it on the terrace of our hostel with our new friends. Such a lovely way to spend our last night in the Greek islands. This morning we checked out and hung around saying our goodbyes until we caught the bus to airport and made our way amidst the cloud to Rome.

Arrived safe and sound in our Hostel.  Both exhausted we didn’t even make an effort to explore and are headed to bed so we can wake up early and refreshed for our first day in Rome!

Sending live from Rome! Ciao ❤️