Rhodes – Day 20

It is our second day in Rhodes and this island has not disappointed! We got off the ferry yesterday morning feeling slightly rested as our beds for the night consisted of unrolled sleeping bags on chairs pushed together. Our ferry from Santorini left at 1am and arrived in Rhodes at 9am.

My make-shift bed abord our Ferry from Santorini to Rhodes

 As per usual we expected a crowd of Greek men and women to greet us at the port with hotel offers…. But no one was there! Completely thrown off we searched for a Cafe with wifi to see what was in the area. We got cappuccinos and sat down only to realize that the particular cafe we had chosen did not have wifi. Rats! With Nel and Des on our backs, Rach and I asked a shopkeeper of a ceramics store if he know of any cheap accommodation.  He recommended a place called Stay hostel in the New town. Hoping for some luck we headed off to find it. 

Stay is a really cool place. Having only been here for less than 48 hours we have already made so many new friends! After dinner (gyro #23) we hung out at the bar on the main floor until it closed and then went out dancing in Old Town with our new friends. 

A rare thing happened in Rhodes today – it thunderstormed! According to the bar tender/reception/concierge it hasn’t rain on Rhodes since May. Unfortunately that kind of limited our beach and hiking exploring time. We decided to have a coffee and walk around New Town hoping in and out of stores as it rained on and off. 

I am really excited for tonight – the hostel is putting on a pizza night. It is 12 euro and includes pizza, salad, chips and dip, a beer or glass of wine, and dessert. It’s also gives you the chance to hangout with the other people from the hostel, hear about their travel stories, and get advice on other places to explore.

Sending love from the islands!❤️

Gyro Total: 23


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