Paros – Day 12

It’s already our last night in Paros.. So sad! We are leaving for Santorini tomorrow afternoon and planning on meeting back up with our friend Emily for 2 more nights before she heads off to Scotland! We will be there until the night of the 18th.

We got to Paros on Day 9 and it’s been stunning. When you get off the ferry you kind of arrive to something like this…

Paroikia Port, Paros

Despite where you are or what time you arrive there is an abundance of old Greek women and men that have signs, brochures, maps and sometimes even photo albums where you can see pictures of the rooms. You barter for prices on rooms and usually end up getting a pretty good deal. Sometimes the rooms can be a little bit sketchy like our room in Mykonos but we lucked out and found a really nice place here in Paros in the main town Paroikia, for a very reasonable price.. It’s also 30 meters from the beach and about a 5-10 minute walk into town!

Our room in Paros for 3 nights

Paros has been so pretty, we have walked the town, the beach, checked out some cute little cafe bars, and yesterday we even went on a nice and much needed hike. It was so freaking hot though and neither of us were in our swim suits – naturally we didn’t care and jumped in with out clothes on and then hiked the rest of the way back mostly soaking wet. We treated ourselves to a nice Greek salad and then when we got back to our room I got to FaceTime my parents – who happen to be in Croatia right now so they are in a similar time zone. So nice to catch up!

Today Rachel and I ventured to a town on the other side of the island called Naoussa. We caught a bus from there to a beautiful beach an old Italian man recommended to me yesterday called Santa Maria. It was so beautiful – a long gorgeous golden beach. We swam a read and laid in the sun for a few hours and then headed back to Naoussa for lunch and some ice cream while we wandered the town a bit.

 When we got back to Paroikia we took a needed shade and water break before going back into town for some gyros we ate as we watched the sun set.

The 13th gyro from Pepe’s
Fishing Boat ready – Paroikia Port
Paroikia Beach (30 meters from hotel!)

 We walked along the strip for a bit before deciding to relax in our room. The sun takes a lot out of ya! I am currently reading a great travel memoir called Love with a Chance of Drowning – Torre deRoche; I am about 2/3 of the way done it and absolutely loving it so I will probably take this early night as an opportunity to finish it!  If you are looking for a good travel/self- discovery books I would definitely recommend.

One thing I have noticed about Greece is you can literally do anything you want here. You looking for something nice and romantic? Lots of beautiful cafes & restaurants cut out for couples to snuggle and drink glasses of wine. Looking for adventure? There’s windsurfing, sailing, fishing, diving, island cruises, etc.  Looking for shopping and souvenirs? There are gorgeous old towns full of blue and white dresses, swim suits, hats, magnets, and anything you really want that resembles the Grecian culture of tanning and swimming. Looking for something in common with all these things? MONEY. Backpacking is amazing and seeing Greece in any capacity is an absolute dream but being on the budget that we are, we are slightly limited. We are mostly walking places, exploring beaches, hiking, and eating gyros… Occasionally we indulge in some wine we will buy from the grocery store to drink on the beach while we watch the sunset or splurge on a tasty veggie Greek salad. I do understand that most of Europe, even our trip, will be this way, and I wouldn’t change what we are doing at all but I do wonder what it would be like to come back here in my thirties to see what it would be like to have dinner by the beach with a glass of wine not caring that they are charging you a fee to sit and eat rather than ‘take-away’. 

Also, there are a million cats  – and the Greek people love them!

Sending love from Paros for one more night!
Gyro total: 13 


One thought on “ Paros – Day 12

  1. Such a great recap of the experience! And hang onto to that thought – if you love it you will go back and it will be worth waiting for and you will look back and say wow, that was cool and look where I am today! Way to go miss Nicole – lap of every minute of it! Wil you be running a parallel swim alone count; gyros AND cats!!



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