Naxos – Day 7

Hello Readers, We are half way done our third day in Naxos – where does the time go? 

After our arrival from the ferry Rachel and I found ourselves a nice old Greek man to give us a cute little room about a 3 minute walk from town and about 300 meters from Emily’s hotel!! We settled in and walked into the main town near the port and added another talley to our gyro count.

We doddled in town for a bit and then went to the beach. After we went back to our rooms, freshened up and made it back to the beach for sunset.

Sunset at St. George Beach

We landed at a nice restaurant called the Kavouli restaurant where we had a glass or two of wine and the best Greek salad I have ever had. Ended up only costing us about 6.00 euro each!

Kavouli – St. George Beach featuring the best Greek salad of all time

We sat beside an Aussie family who were actually quite funny – they had two kids, boy maybe a year and a half and girl maybe three, who clearly were not interested in eating. While the parents were ordering/eating apps they kept inching and inching more into the water ignoring their parents requests “no more”, “please don’t go in any further guys”, and “okay I can see the bottom of your shorts are wet…please no more”. Eventually they just stripped them down to their skeevies and let them play in the water while they ate, photographed them and laughed. Very entertaining – reminded me of when I was little, my family used to rent a cottage in Quebec and my brother, sister, and I used to do the same thing! 

Post dinner we were all exhausted and decided to call it an early night. 

The next day was a little slower we basically spent the day in and out of shops and water looking at all Naxos had to offer. Brought the gyro count up to 6 for lunch! Last in the day we had a few drinks at a little pub by the port called the Captains Cafe which had 4.50 euro cocktails and 4.00 euro take away cocktails during happy hour – the sign was always up though so I’m pretty sure every hour is happy hour…. Also they let you just walk around the streets with cocktails in plastic cups… Who knew that was a thing!?

Today we woke a little slower but put on our walking sandals and grabbed some water and headed past the port to check out the ruins of Apollo’s Temple. So cool!

Apollo’s Temple (whats left of it)

We continued to hike a little past it to check out some other views that Naxos had for us – it was REALLY hot but absolutely gorgeous. After grabbing yes, another gyro, Emily and I went to the beach and grabbed an Arizona while Rach had some much deserved down time. 

Documenting the sweat and our love of the view (& each other)

Almost done day 7! Sending love from Greece ❤️

Gyro Total: 7


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