Mykonos to Naxos: Island hopping is fun!

I am writing this on the ferry ride from Mykonos to Naxos. I am so sad to be leaving – our time in Mykonos has been so lovely. I have been so tired at the end of every day that I have not had the energy to post anything throughout our stay so here is a rundown of the last few days!

DAY 1: We met a cute little 21 year old Aussie, Emily, who was traveling by herself on the ferry ride over. She kindly asked if we had a place to stay and mentioned she had some extra beds if we wanted to hangout with her and her American friend, Cole. Of course we said yes – our first travel friends! Once we found the hotel and Cole we went for dinner on the beach and watched the sunset over the little Greek island. Then we want back to the hotel and relaxed as we were all exhausted (Rach and I had been up since 4:30 and still jet lagged). No gyros yet…

DAY 2: Rach and I had a nice breakfast with Cole and Emily and then headed down to the pier where we bartered a nice Greek lady to let us stay with her for two nights. We settled in then grabbed our suits and headed to a beach that was supposedly “600 meters away” but was more like 2 km. Nice and sweaty we took a rather lengthy swim and relaxed on the beach while trying to avoid being pelted with the sand – thank you island winds. Later that evening we met up with Cole and Emily in Old Town Mykonos (the glamorous and ritzy part of the island) for dinner, drinks, and poor dance moves. Gyro total: 2

DAY 3: Had the best sleep of my life and somehow slept till noon! Rach and I met up with Emily (Cole had left that morning back to Athens) and went to Ornos beach – less wind! The water is absolutely spectacular… It’s so blue and refreshing (and salty!!) Grabbing more gyros along with some cookies and cheap (and I mean like real cheap for all you wineos) wine and headed to the beach to watch the sunset. We walked around old Mykonos for a bit before we said goodnight and headed back to the hotel. Gyro total: 4 (added to yesterday’s)

Ornos Beach
Drinking wine by Old Town Mykonos

One of the many gyros

DAY 4: Rachel and I headed to a little gyro/brunch joint just outside out hotel and treated ourselves to some notoriously good Greek yogurt with honey and an americano (only the second coffee this trip!). Currently I am sitting on the ferry with Rachel and Emily to explore Naxos, the next island on our trip! No more gyros yet today but it’s only 1:15.

Greek Yogurt and Americano for breakfast
Saying goodbye to our favourite gyro joint!
on the way to old town – photo credit , my artsy photographer best friend
Trying to sleep on the ferry
Missing and loving all my friends and family. Sending love from the islands!!


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