The First of Many

Hello Readers!

Welcome to my travel blog, The Northern Travelite, where I am documenting my trip around the world with my best friend Rachel. I have never done a blog before so bare with me as I work out all the kinks ! If you are reading this and happen to know what you are doing I would love feedback or suggestions if you would like to drop a comment, email or message! Rachel is also doing a blog as well for people to check out; The Lucky Leap!

My plan is to use this blog as a way to update my friends and family on what we are doing, where we are, what we are learning and to share some pictures of our trip. I figured this would be easier than repeating stories and sending thousands of emails to people (of course if you would like to email me I am okay with that too!). I wont be writing everyday because I wont have consistent access to wifi/internet but I should be able to post in it 3, maybe 4 times a week.

Now for the actual trip…this is something I have thought about since I was a just a little bean. I never knew where I wanted to go or what I wanted to see but I always knew I wanted to make my way around the world and spend time travelling. My parents used to go on business trips when I was little and bring home shells or necklaces or fun t-shirts when they went away and I was always curious about  their stories; where they went, where they stayed, what they did, etc. So finally its my turn!  I needed a travel buddy so I turned to my blonde adventuress bestie and of course there was no hesitation! (Adventuress [ad-ven-cher-ess]: noun. Cross between adventurer and princess  – another one of my made up words) .  I have known Rach forever, our parents became friends between the pick-ups and drop-offs at pre-school and we haven’t let
each other go since! Trying to narrow it down to where we wanted to go was hard but once we picked our highlights the rest of the planning was pretty easy.  If you check out my ‘About Me’ page you will see a skeleton of our planned itinerary  – although we haven’t carved anything in stone and I am sure things will change. In a nutshell we are spending 2 months in Europe starting in Greece on August 31st, 1 month is Australia, 4 months in New Zealand and a few weeks out on the West Coast of Canada before returning to Toronto around the beginning of April.

I think that is it for now…stay tuned for stories, pictures, lessons and everything in between as we continue through our trip.

So Excited!!!


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